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The front cover for the Poop Fairy picture book Please meet The Poop Fairy. She is Thumbelina's Great-Granddaughter, Tinker Bell's Niece, and the Tooth Fairy's second cousin. The Poop Fairy is a magical creature, but not as widely known as her famous relatives.

Quite tragically, this lesser known fairy has been overlooked for decades due to her modesty, rather small stature, an incredibly busy schedule, and the lack of social media. Apart from being accidentally spotted by some parents of toddlers during potty-training, The Poop Fairy's activities have mostly remained a mystery. However, that changed once the Poop Fairy met David LeClair and Natasha Sazonova, and finally decided to open up about her complex life.

Their first endeavor was a picture book bearing the Poop Fairy's name. Critics are already predicting for it to become a huge success among potty-training toddlers. Currently, in collaboration with Tom Clancy's ghost writer, the Fairy began work on her memoirs titled "Life's A Toilet: Fill It Up".

To learn more about the Poop Fairy please refer to the "About the Poop Fairy" section of this site.